Bram Davidovich



Bram Davidovich is an award winning playwright. 

His work has been described by critics as innovative, harrowing, and compelling. 

Bram's plays have been performed at the Arcola Theatre, Southwark Playhouse, Rose Theatre Kingston, Brockley Jack Theatre, The Blue Elephant Theatre, the Cockpit Theatre and VAULT Festival.


His debut play Strawberry Starburst sold out at The Brockley Jack Theatre, had a successful run at The Blue Elephant Theatre, and transferred to Rose Theatre Kingston where it again sold out.


Strawberry Starburst was last performed at VAULT Festival 2018 where it won the Highly Commended Award.


past work

Strawberry Starburst

With support from Arts Council England, Soho Theatre, and Southwark Playhouse, Strawberry Starburst has had full-productions at several London theatres between 2012 and 2018. This award-winning show has received critical acclaim and continues to attract audiences young and old.


Expertly written

Fresh and innovative 

Poignant and important

Strawberry Starburst was winner of the Highly Commended Award at VAULT Festival 2018.

Research and interviews with professionals and sufferers of eating disorders was vital in ensuring the details, experiences and medical conditions were represented in a highly realistic way.

Dr Jessica McClelland, Institute of Psychiatry, Psychology & Neuroscience, King's College London:


'Davidovich has taken extraordinary steps to carry out extensive research into the characters of this play [and] put the utmost effort into ensuring the extreme, raw, emotional rollercoaster of experiencing Anorexia Nervosa is accurately portrayed'.

Birthright has been workshopped at The Poor School
and with SYC at Soho Theatre.

future work


I’ll admit it, beautiful isn’t it? Shame about the politics.

What politics can you possibly be thinking about when you’re surrounded by all of this?

The politics of whose land this is. I’m slowly starting to see it.
There's not an inch of this place that isn’t submerged in conflict and racial politics and I haven’t even seen anyone get killed yet!

Joshua is obsessed with shoot em' up games.

Becca's highest priority is always her nails.

On touching down in Tel Aviv they soon find themselves in the middle of a whirlwind of cultures that they don't understand, and as their views change, contort, twist and burst they are driven to explore more than just the soil they stand on, but the depths of their souls.


You rarely to find such a pleasant comedy that makes you feel so good...a great show for any occasion.


Birthright had it's premiere for two nights at VAULT Festival 2019

where it was well received by critics and audiences.

Theatre503 on BIRTHRIGHT:

'There is much to praise in the writing. The sense in which the lines between reality, role-play, and re-enactment begin to blur is an incredibly intriguing and sophisticated way of commenting upon the deeply contested history of the region.'


- Nika Obydzinski, Senior Reader.

Hampstead Theatre on BIRTHRIGHT:

'I very much appreciated having the chance to read this play, it is a great subject matter to explore and Davidovich tackles it with considerable skill.'

-Will Mortimer, Literary Manager.

Talawa Theatre Company on BIRTHRIGHT:

'We were impressed with the characters; they are well-rounded and have distinct voices. The story keeps the audience guessing with the choice Davidovich has made of moving between past and present.'


Rat King medium ONLINE.jpg

Kelly wants change.

School is dull and the medication she takes tastes like crap.

The world is a big place and she's preparing to run away. 

Jack is living on the streets, life's hard for a homeless youth like him but he's surviving.

As Kelly takes her first steps towards freedom she lands herself in trouble.

Jacko comes to her rescue and they are catapulted into a journey that will change their lives forever.

Running and running 
my lungs are burning 
I'm coughing and spluttering 
we get to a house that's old and crumbling 
and it's not on any main streets, 
half of it backs onto wastelands 
the other half is attached to an old factory. 
He goes through a door with no hinges.

Above is Jay, artist, sculptor and Hackney local. Jay is currently homeless. Rat King focuses on issues of homelessness and as a close friend of the playwright Jay was one of the main inspirations behind the creation of Rat King.
An extract of RAT KING performed at the Blue Elephant Theatre in October 2017. 


Imogen Comrie in Strawberry Starburst, performed at VAULT Festival 2018.

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