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Bram Davidovich



Bram Davidovich is a playwright whose work focuses on societal issues such as mental health, homelessness, and class.

Bram's full-length plays have been performed at the Rose Theatre Kingston, The Hope Theatre, Brockley Jack Theatre, The Blue Elephant Theatre and VAULT Festival to critical and audience acclaim.

Maryam Grace as Shez in Strawberry Starburst at The Blue Elephant Theatre in 2016.

Strawberry Starburst

Strawberry Starburst

With support from Arts Council England, Soho Theatre, and Southwark Playhouse, Strawberry Starburst has been performed at several London theatres.

I close my eyes and think back to the days when I used to stuff my face with mum’s spaghetti bolognese and I loved it, tomato juice dripping all down my chin. OK. Challenge accepted.


Expertly written

Fresh and innovative 

Poignant and important

Strawberry Starburst was winner of the Highly Commended Award at VAULT Festival 2018.

Additional praise for Strawberry Starburst

‘Davidovich cleverly infuses the conversational monologue with moving poetry, heightening the emotional connection between the audience and Shez and drawing us in to share in her torment.’

-West End Wilma

‘The strength of Bram Davidovich’s Strawberry Starburst is that there is nothing which logically causes her illness.’

-The Stage

‘Bram Davidovich’s naturalistic dialogue formed a real connection between the audience and the character of Shez.’

-Everything Theatre 

Georgia Tack as Kelly and Jacob Wayne-O'Neill as Jacko in RAT KING, 2023.
Rat King



Kelly wants change.

School is boring and the medication she takes looks like tic tac’s and tastes like crap.

The world is a big place that she’s desperate to explore, so she's preparing to run away.

Jack is living on the streets, life's hard for a homeless youth like him but he's surviving.

As Kelly takes her first steps towards freedom she lands herself in trouble.

Jacko comes to her rescue and they are catapulted into a journey that will change their lives forever.

'Running and running

my lungs are burning

I'm coughing and spluttering

we get to a house that's old and crumbling

and it's not on any main streets,

half of it backs onto wastelands

the other half is attached to an old factory.

He goes through a door with no hinges.'

V23 Flyer Template RAT KING (1) graffiti_edited.jpg

“A powerful and rewarding piece of theatre”

—Broadway Baby

''Intriguing, efficient and direct storytelling''

—The National Theatre

''The writing is excellent. The book has a poetic quality to it in some scenes, and in others is satisfyingly frank and unequivocal.''

—All That Dazzles

“Lyrical yet authentic, a play and a writer to watch”

—London Pub Theatres Magazine

“Beautifully written, Davidovich's writing has an exquisite richness and poetry”

—View From The Outside


“The dialogue is convincing and most of the hour-long run time flies by. There is a pragmatic approach taken to most of the dialogue which is refreshing and true-to-life.”

—All That Dazzles.

RAT KING focuses on the growing problem of youth homelessness. 122,000 16-24 year olds were homeless or at risk of homelessness in England between 2020-2021, a figure almost double that of 2016-2017. With 59% of these cases not successfully prevented or dealt with (Centrepoint, 2023).

The playwright used his own experiences of homelessness to portray the lives of the characters as accurately as possible.

Aimee Bevan as Becca and David Samson as Joshua in Birthright at VAULT Festival 2019.


Joshua is obsessed with shoot em' up games.

Becca's highest priority is always her nails.

On touching down in Tel Aviv they soon find themselves in the middle of a whirlwind of cultures that they don't understand, and as their views change, contort, twist and burst they are driven to explore more than just the soil they stand on, but the depths of their souls.


I’ll admit it, beautiful isn’t it? Shame about the politics.

What politics can you possibly be thinking about when you’re surrounded by all of this?

The politics of whose land this is. I’m slowly starting to see it.
There's not an inch of this place that isn’t submerged in conflict and racial politics and I haven’t even seen anyone get killed yet!

You rarely find such a pleasant comedy that makes you feel so good...a great show for any occasion.


Moveable Waste    A SHORT FILM

Heading 1

Moveable Waste was written by Bram Davidovich as a play and performed at the Arcola Theatre, before being adapted to a screenplay.


It tells the story of Chamla, a fantasist who wishes she was anything but a middle-of-the-road suburban adolescent. Her desires are realised when she conjures into existence a more exciting version of reality, only to become so entangled in it she can no longer find her way back.


The film draws on themes of ‘lived experience’ and ‘subjective truth’ which guide Chamla’s interpretation of her position in the world. It explores how a focus on personal narrative over objective viewpoint can lead to a false and incoherent world view, eventually climaxing in self destruction.



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Imogen Comrie in Strawberry Starburst, performed at VAULT Festival 2018.
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